Roofer Wrexham

When you need a ROOFER in WREXHAM

When you need a Roofer in Wrexham you need look no further than Bakers Roofing (of Wrexham).

When you have a problem with your Roof, you don’t want any old Roofer going up there… You want OUR OLD ROOFER, Kenny Baker. (Not from R2D2). He’s being doing Roofer work in the Wrexham area for donkeys years. In fact, he probably did you roof to begin with…

Kenny was born on a roof, he lived most of his life on a roof… only coming down occasionally to eat small children and go to the pub (purely medicinal) and when he got to the pub, he would be more happy consuming his light beverages on the pub roof.

So you see, for roofing work in your Wrexham area, you will be in safe hand… or at least your roof tiles will be, with Kenny Baker (Not Mar Baker the famous criminal)


As an added bonus, you will have a good laugh with Kenny when he is doing your roof…. not at his Roofer workmanship, but his bad jokes. Still you can’t please everyone.

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