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Roofer in Rhyl

Due to popular demand and an expansions of the company, we are now able to offer our roofer services in Liverpool, and roofer services in Rhyl. If you have a requirement for a roofer in Liverpool or a Roofer in […]

  • roofing near me, roofer in Rhyl, roofer in Liverpool

Roofer near me

Are you looking for a “Roofer near me?” (near you… obviously) Well if you live in the Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool, or Warrington and surrounding areas… you have come to the right place. Many people these days use the Google search […]

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Leaking Roof in Wrexham

If you have a leaking roof and you live in or around Wrexham, UK, then you need to be calling Ken Baker of Bakers Roofing. With the hundreds of years experience and the IBM Whatson type memory on how to [...]
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Winter is coming to Wrexham, is your ROOF ready?

No one really looks forward to having the roof repaired, not even me! But even worse than that, everybody really hates having to have the roof repaired in the winter! The whole house gets cold and feels wet. The heating […]

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When you need a ROOFER in WREXHAM

When you need a Roofer in Wrexham you need look no further than Bakers Roofing (of Wrexham). When you have a problem with your Roof, you don’t want any old Roofer going up there… You want OUR OLD ROOFER, Kenny […]

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The summer is here, time to repair that ROOF

Summer ROOF improvements, it makes sense.   Summer is the time to improve or repair your roof.  Whether it is a pitched, flat, tiled etc roof, the benefits of doing any preventive maintenance far out weigh the reasons for NOT repairing [...]
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If you need some to repair your roof in Wrexham call Bakers Roofing of Wrexham

Our roofing services in Wrexham is hard to beat So, your roof is leaking and you need someone to have a look. Why not chose Bakers Roofing, a local Wrexham company that has been repairing roofs for over 35 years! We respond [...]
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Roof Surveys

FREE Roof Surveys   Don't worry if you need someone to have a look at your roof, our Roof Surveys are FREE if you are in the Wrexham area. With almost 40 years experience in the Roofing profession, we can [...]
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Roofing Services in Wrexham

I have been providing Roofing Service in Wrexham for Donkeys years! (That’s over 30 by the way) When I started out… most people were living in mud huts and wigwams! So you can be assured that I know what I’m […]

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Roofer Wrexham

Do you need a Roofer in Wrexham? Not just in Wrexham, we also cover the surrounding areas of Wrexham, such as Ruabon, Marchwiel, Cross Lanes, Penycae, Acrefair, Bersham etc. We have got you covered. Call now for a competitive quote.
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Roof Repairs Wrexham

Wrexham Roofing Repairs With all the recent high winds in the Wrexham area, it is understandable that you may have lost a couple or three roof tiles and need your roof repairing. Obviously, roof repairs here in the Wrexham area, [...]
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Roofing Wrexham – October orders – Free iPad

Wow! What an amazing deal!!! for anyone in the Wrexham and surrounding areas. If you need a new roof, you need to get us round to quote you! All orders placed in October (2014), with deposits paid, will receive a […]